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Visa-free travel between Georgia and Serbia will begin to apply in the coming days

7.03.2018, Belgrade - Visa-free travel between Georgia and Serbia will come into force in the coming days, prior to the completion of respective ratification procedures - the Serbian Foreign Minister announced about this at the press conference following the meeting with his Georgian counterpart.
The Georgian and Serbian foreign ministers signed a visa free agreement between the two countries on March 7.

The agreement, which will come into force in the coming hours, will enable Georgian citizens holding ordinary passports to travel visa free to Serbia.

The Foreign Minister of Serbia Ivica Dacic announced that the agreement would come into effect before parliament's completion of certain administrative procedures. 

"Today we signed the visa free agreement and tomorrow the government of Serbia will make an exception and activate the deal before parliament completes its procedures over the issue.

Consequently, the citizens of Georgia will have the right to travel visa free to Serbia before the parliamentary procedures are finalized," Dacic stated during the press conference with Janelidze.

The officials hailed the agreement as "highly important" for providing closer political, economic, cultural and other ties between the two states.

they also announced that Georgia and Serbia will appoint diplomats to one another's countries before either of them establish full-fledged diplomatic missions.