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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the official web-site of the Embassy of Georgia to the Hellenic Republic and the Republic of Serbia. Here you may find information regarding new developments in political, economic and cultural life of Georgia, as well as updates on Georgian-Greek and Georgian-Serbian bilateral relations.

In recent years Georgia has achieved a considerable progress in strengthening the principles and values such as protection of basic Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, Independence of the Georgian judiciary, Media freedom, Protection of Property rights and non-interference of the Government in business activities, etc.

My country has also significantly advanced towards the implementation of its European and Euro-Atlantic agenda. Georgia signed with the European Union the Association agreement, which includes Free and Comprehensive free trade area. The successful reforms which have been implemented by the Georgian government in different areas have also proved sufficient for receiving the Visa Liberalization Action Plan with the European Union.

Georgia has actively engaged in implementation of the so-called Substantial Package offered by the decision of the Wales NATO summit. The Packages is designed to strengthen Georgia's compatibility with the NATO standards, with a view of preparing for the Alliance membership. Meanwhile, the Georgian troops continue to make their significant contribution to the international fight against the terrorism, hand in hand with various forces of the Alliance.

Georgia is an active International partner both in bilateral relations, as well as in multilateral forums. Georgia is a constructive member and participant of the OSCE, UN, Council of Europe and other international organizations. The position of the Georgian delegation at such formats have always been based on International Law, International norms and commitments.

Georgia takes meaningful steps towards further liberalization of its market. Following the establishment of the Free and Comprehensive Free trade area with the EU, the Government of Georgia has made a good progress towards the free trade with EFTA countries - Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein. Recently Georgia significantly activated its trade-economic links with China, Japan, South Korea, India, Central Asian countries. The Russian market has also been opened for certain categories of the Georgian agricultural products.

Georgia is gradually fulfilling its mission to become a Regional Hub, through participation in large-scale regional projects such as Trans Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP) and Trans Anatolian Pipeline (TAP). At the same time, my country is engaged in important transport infrastructure projects which are aimed at developing the East-West connections. The Anaklia deep Sea Port is one of such projects.

The unique Geographical location, biodiversity, a wide variety of historic monuments, high security standards and, finally, Georgian cuisine and traditional hospitality makes Georgia one of the favorite destinations for tourists. Therefore it is no surprise that the number of visitors to Georgia has been increasing in recent years.

The dramatic developments on the occupied territories of the Georgian regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, the unbearable daily life of the local population remain grave concern for the whole country.  Attempts to legalize the consequences of the aggression against Georgia through recognition of the Georgian Regions as independent states have failed completely. We are grateful to the International community, including the republics of Greece and Serbia for their unwavering support to the Sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Georgia, within internationally recognized borders.

The current staff of the Embassy of Georgia to the Republics of Greece and Serbia has clear vision and concrete plan for taking forward traditional, friendly relations which Georgia enjoys with Greece and Serbia. We will spare no efforts to support the Georgian diaspora in Greece in maintaining its special role and important contribution to the development of our country, strengthening existing links with the homeland. It is also our strong wish to provide meaningful support to the endeavors of representatives of the Georgian Orthodox Church in both countries.  


Ioseb Nanobashvili

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary