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The meeting of Irakli Kobakhidze with the Speaker of the National Assembly of Serbia

The Speaker, Irakli Kobakhidze hosted the Speaker of the National Assembly of Serbia, Maja Gojkovic.

The parties emphasized support to territorial integrity of Georgia and Serbia and non-recognition policy. The parties confirmed solidity of politics in this direction and underlined cooperation of the countries in international organizations. As noted, it is the first high rank historical visit to Georgia and it shall serve the basis for the new stage of relations. The parties spoke about Georgia-Serbia economic relations and cooperation in tourism.

Mrs. Gojkovic expressed idea about the direct flights between the countries. As noted, the inter-Parliamentary relations are particularly intensive through the Friendship Groups, Committees and especially the EU Integration Committees. As the guest stated, the Serbian EU Integration Committee can share its experience in this direction.

After the meeting, the Speakers made the joint statement. "I would like to thank Mrs. Speaker of Serbian Parliament for her visit. We highly value this visit. For years, we keep close diplomatic and political relations with Serbia, though it is the first high rank visit from Serbia and once again, I would like to thank my Serbian counterpart for visiting Georgia. I believe that this visit will serve the basis for new, intensive relations between our countries", - I. Kobakhidze stated.

According to him, deeper relations with Serbia in various directions is a priority for Georgia. "I am glad of enhancement of relations between our countries. We held the meetings and the visits between the representatives of our countries to discuss the bilateral cooperation. Enhancement of political relations and economic links with Serbia is a priority for us".

He spoke about historical links between Georgia and Serbian people and common foreign political aspiration - membership of European family. "We have historical links between Georgia and Serbian people, allowing us taking care of enhancement of our relations. Our people share the common faith, culture, as well as common foreign political aspiration - EU membership and it is important that we shall actively cooperate to achieve our common goals. I would like to underline Serbian progress in EU integration. I would like to congratulate Serbian people with this progress and wish them further success on EU integration path".

He noted that Georgia supports territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia as Georgia encounters similar challenge. He thanked his colleague for support of Georgia. "I once again confirm my intact support to territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia. We encounter the similar challenge. I believe that territorial integrity is one of the milestones of international policy and it shall be maintained and enhanced. Georgia successfully undertakes non-recognition policy. In this regards, it is important to have support of our friend countries and I would like to thank our Serbian friends for cooperation and support".

He noted that the visit of the Speaker of Serbian Parliament will enhance bilateral and inter-Parliamentary relations. "I believe that the visit of Mrs. Gojkovic to Georgia will further enhance our relations, namely the inter-Parliamentary relations and our cooperation with Serbian colleagues. Mrs. Gojkovic, our Parliaments express the interests of our people and your visit is the best manifestation of cooperation between the Parliaments".

Mrs. Gojkovic thanked the Speaker for invitation and stated that this visit is the precondition for further relations. "I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Speaker. Thank you for your official invitation to this beautiful country. This visit, as you have noted, will serve the precondition for development of our bilateral relations as on the Parliamentary level so in economics, which is to be further enhanced".

According to her, the parties agreed on multilateral cooperation format and relations between the Parliamentary delegations. The parties spoke about future cooperation and noted that the Friendship Groups will initiate cooperation forms as in foreign relations, so in EU integration terms.

She confirmed support to territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia and thanked Georgia for support to territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia. "Serbia supports territorial integrity of Georgia and thus, we demonstrate that we are the country supporting international law, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the countries which are internationally recognized. Thank you for your support to territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia".

She noted that the parties agreed on cooperation in EU integration, education, culture and economy. "We also agreed with Georgian Parliament to cooperate in EU integration. We also discussed cooperation in education and culture spheres and in economy. I believe that our Parliaments are able to motivate our Governments for more agreements in economic sphere".

She invited the Speaker to Serbia. "I also ask my colleague to visit Serbia and he accepted my invitation. Thank you for this opportunity I had visiting your country and thus, facilitating to development of our bilateral relations".